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Tafl is one of the oldest known board games, originating in Northern Europe around 400 AD. What makes Tafl unique among strategy games is its asymmetrical game play.
Tafl games have four distinctive features:
  1. the board is collection of cells
  2. the board has symmetrical patterns of specially marked cells
  3. the outer forcesutilize twice the number of pieces as do the inner
  4. the player conducting the inner forces has one extra piece, which begins the game on the central cell.
There are many variation of tall game.

Name Size To win king
must reach
Who do 1st move King can
To capture the King
the player must
surround it on
King can go
central cell
Pieces moves
as rook
Ard Ri 7x7 Edge Defenders Yes 4 sides No No
Brandub I 7x7 Corner Attackers Yes 2 sides No Yes
Brandub II 7x7 Corner Attackers Yes 4,3 or 2 sides Yes Yes
Hnefatafl 9x9,11x11 Corner Attackers Yes 4 sides Yes Yes
Papillon's Escape 9x9 Edge Defenders Yes 4 sides No No
Tablut 9x9 Edge Defenders No 4 sides No Yes
Tawlbwrdd 9x9 Edge Defenders No 2 sides Yes Yes