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Breakthru is an abstract strategy board game for two players, designed by Alex Randolph.


One player has a gold fleet consisting of one large flagship and twelve escorts, with the objective of evading capture while breaking through his or her opponent's blockade to transport the flagship to the perimeter of the board.

The other player has a silver fleet of twenty ships, and forms a blockade to trap the gold flagship and destroy the gold fleet's escorts with the objective of capturing the flagship.


  1. Players move alternately by making two moves or one capture anywhere on the board. When the flagship is moved, only one move or capture is made.
  2. Ships may move any number of vacant squares either horizontally or vertically.
  3. Player may move any playing piece (including the flagship) one square diagonally to capture one of his opponent's playing pieces. This move is similar to the capture-move of the pawn in Chess, except that captures can be made on any of the four diagonals.
  4. This game uses displacement capture (like Chess), rather than custodial capture (like Hnefatafl), thus when a capture is made, the captured piece is removed from the board and the vacated square is occupied by the captor.