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iXO allows you play against multiple game's engines. Some engines preinstalled, other you can download. iXO support simple interface to add new engine.

OS Game Interface Engines
Mac, Windows Chess
Engine Mac Windows
Arasan Yes No
Cheng4 Yes No
Critter Yes No
Floyd No Yes
Fruit chess Yes Yes
Gaia Yes Nk
Gaviota Yes Nk
Pharaon No Yes
Strelka No Yes
Stockfish Yes No
Mac, Windows Shogi
Engine Mac Windows
Laramie No Yes
Lesserkai No Yes
TJshogi No Yes
GPSfish Yes Yes
Mac, Windows Xiangqi
Engine Mac Windows
Anita No Yes
BitStronger No Yes
Binghe 54 No Yes
Yssy No Yes
ElephantEye Yes No
Haqikid Yes No
Mac, Windows Go
Mac, Windows Gomoku/Renju Gomokucup standard input/output

I extended gomokucup interface to Mac (Gomokucup interface was designed for windows only) and moved Wine engine to MAC
  • Mushroom
  • RenjuSolver
  • SlowRenju
  • Onix
Check for engine ratings
Windows Gomoku/Renju iXO supports some commands of Yixin protocol. You can download Yixin engine from this page
Windows Checkers game on 8x8 board CheckerBoard
Windows Checkers game on 8x8 board Kallisto

Some games do not have any standard inrefaces for engine. For these games iXO has interface simular to UCI - Universal Chess Interface. You can use it to create your engine to any game supported by iXO except puzzles.

iXO to Engine Engine to iXO
xogi Tell iXO to use the iXO game interface. This must be the first command after program boot.

id After receiving the "xogi" command engine must sent
  1. id name [Enine name]
  2. id author [Author name]
id name Rocket
id author Mike

Optional command:
id position moves
to indicate that engine does not support FEN and iXO should use list of moves
xogiok Must be sent after the id and optional options to tell the iXO that the engine is ready to xogi play.
xoginewgame [size ROWSxCOLS] [rules xxxx] Sent to the engine when the next search will be from a different game. For game that support multiple size of the board command must include attribute size. For some game xogi can send rule's information Engine should start new game.
isready To synchronize the engine with the iXO This command can be used to wait for the engine to be ready. readyok This must be sent when the engine has received an "isready" command and has processed all input and is ready to accept new commands now.
position [fen | startpos] moves Set up the position for search.
  • startpos - engine should start the game
  • fen - describe boatd using Forsyth–Edwards Notation. This options available only for games on rectangle board.
Engine set up position
go depth [depth] movetime [movetime] Tell engine start calculate next move bestmove The engine send the best move to iXO
quit Tell engine to shutdown Quit the program as soon as possible iXO


Forsyth–Edwards Notation (FEN) is notation to describing a chess game. Simular notation can be designed to describe other games that used rectangle board.


I used this interface to created engines