Universal Chess Interface

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UCI - Universal Chess Interface

GUI to Engine Engine to GUI
uci Tell GUI to use the UCI game interface. This must be the first command after program boot.

id After receiving the "uci" command engine must sent
  1. id name [Enine name]
  2. id author [Author]
uciok Must be sent after the id and optional options to tell the GUI that the engine is ready to play.
ucinewgame Sent to the engine when the next search will be from a different game. Engine should start new game.
ready To synchronize the engine with the GUI This command can be used to wait for the engine to be ready. readyok This must be sent when the engine has received an "isready" command and has processed all input and is ready to accept new commands now.
position [sfen | startpos] moves Set up the position for search.
  • startpos - engine should start the game
  • fen - describe board using Forsyth–Edwards Notation. This options available only for games on rectangle board.
Engine set up position
go depth [depth] movetime [movetime] Tell engine start calculate next move bestmove The engine send the best move to GUI
stop Tell engine to stop calculation Engine should stop search
quit Tell engine to shutdown Quit the program as soon as possible