Interface to checkers engines

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iXO for Windows allows play checkers variant on 8x8 board that support

Kallisto interface

Kallisto protocol expects your engine to be compiled as a dll with functions
	// callback function to display information about the progress of calculations
	// score - position estimation.
	// the winning is better described as: 32767 - N, where N is the number of yields before winning
	// win over the non-root database, it's better to designate this: 30000 - N
	// depth - information about the depth of the search
	// pv is the best option
	// cm - the process being analyzed at the moment
	void PF_SearchInfo(int score, int depth, int speed, char *pv, char *cm);
	// second variand
	// all paramaters - strings
	void PF_SearchInfoEx(char *score, char *depth, char *speed, char **pv, char *cv);

	// Do move
	// Format: "a3b4" и "a3:b4:d6:e7". 
	void EI_MakeMove(char *move)

	// Start search and return move
	char *EI_Think()

	// Init engine
	// si - PF_SearchInfo function
	// mem_lim - memory limit used by engine
	void EI_Initialization(PF_SearchInfo si, int mem_lim)

	// set second search information function
	void _EI_SetSearchInfoEx(PF_SearchInfoEx sie)

	// Start new game
	void _EI_NewGame()

	// Stop search
	void _EI_Stop()

	// Set position
	// b - black soldier
	// B - black king
	// w - white soldier
	// W - whire king
	// . - empty cell
	// cells sequence : b8, d8, f8, h8, a7, c7, ..., a1, c1, e1, g1
	// The lsat character - turn indicator(w - white,b-blacck)
	void EI_SetupBoard(char *pos)

	// set time control
	// time minutes for game
	// inc ms  - bonus for each move
	void EI_SetTimeControl(int time, int inc)

	// set ms for clock
	// time - your time
	// otime - oponent time
	// called before each move
	void EI_SetTime(int time, int otime)

	// get name of thr engine
	char * EI_GetName()

	// called before quit engine
	void EI_OnExit()