Russian checkers - 3 kings against one king

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To win you must control big diagonal !

Step 1

Goal: move opponent from path a7-g1 and b8-h2

Pos 1

Move: c1-f4,g1-h2

Pos 2

e1-g3 h2-g1
g3-h2 g1-c5
h2-g1 c5-e7

Pos 3

Step 2

Goal: put your kings in c5 and f4.

You have to move opponent from path a3-f8 and c1-h6.

g1-e3 2 kings in one line e7-b4
a1-f6 We started used king on big diagonal b4-a5

Pos 4

Step 3

Goal: build Petrov's triangle
f6-c3 d8-h4
The position with kings on c5, f4, c3 is Petrov's triangle. There are four different triangles of Petrov.

Pos 5

Step 4

Use rule: "move king from triangle's top to king located on big diagonal"

Let us apply the rule for pos 5:
The top of triangle is f4. The stones should be moved to d2
f4-d2 h4-e1
c5-g1 e1-h4
g1-f2 h4-e1

Pos 6 Victory