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Dameo followed Croda's rules with
  • different initial setup
  • linear movement
  • enhanced movement of kings (as chess queen)


  • A king moves any number of unobstructed squares like the queen in Chess, but they capture only rookwise, by the long leap.
  • Men move straight forward, sideways or diagonally forward.
  • Men capture by jumping opponents's pieces forward, sideways and backward
  • A sequence must capture the maximum possible number of pieces
  • When a man reaches the last row it promotes to a flying king.
  • Man cannot become king by jumping to the last row and jumping of the last row

Linear movement

Linear movement is defined as the move of a straight unbroken line of men of the same color, one square forwards, straight or diagonally, along the line of squares they occupy, provided the square in front is vacant.
Linear movement does not apply to kings.


You can use software of Setup Group to play Dameo on your
Windows Device