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Croda is a modern variant combining elements of International - and Turkish Draughts, but unlike its parents it's a 'doublegrid' game, meaning that it employs both the orthogonal and the diagonal grid.

It was invented by Croatian mathematics professor and Draughts master, the late Ljuban Dedić in order to create a draughts game with a smaller margin of draws. He did so by basically replacing the sideways move of a man in Turkish Draughts, by a diagonally forward move.


  • Board size: 8x8
  • Pieces per side: 24
  • A king moves any number of unobstructed squares horizontally or vertically, like the rook in Chess. Kings may not move diagonally.
  • Men move straight forward, sideways or diagonally forward.
  • Men capture by jumping opponents's pieces forward, sideways and backward
  • A sequence must capture the maximum possible number of pieces
  • When a man reaches the last row it promotes to a flying king. This marks the end of the move.
  • Man cannot become king by jumping to the last row and jumping of the last row


You can use software of Setup Group to play Croda on your
Windows Device