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minesweeper on hex board



Minesweeper has its origins in the earliest mainframe games of the 1960s and 1970s.
The object of the game is to clear an minefield without detonating a mine.
Minesweeper cannot always be solved with 100% certainty. You can uncover a cell by clicking it. If you uncover a mine, you lose the game. # indicates how many total mines are in the closed squares that surround the numbered one.

To mark a square you suspect contains a mine
  • on device with mouse: use right clcik
  • on cell phone or tablet: push on it and wait for 2 seconds and release it.

Play online

You can play Minesweeper now .

This version of the game copied from: http://www.chezpoor.com/minesweeper/minesweeper.html


You can use software of Setup Group to play Minesweeper on your
Windows Device
Using our software you can play Minesweeper on rectangle and hex board both.