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The 100-square version of checkers is the main one in the Netherlands, and is very popular there. The Netherlands and Russia, and the former Soviet Union, which subsidized checkers, have produced the best players, including the world champions for the past 40 years.


  • The size of the board - 10×10
  • A player with no valid move remaining loses. A game is a draw if neither opponent has the possibility to win the game.
  • Ordinary pieces move forward one square diagonally to a square that is not occupied by another piece.
  • Ordinary checkers may jump forward and backward
  • Kings move forward or backward any number of squares on a diagonal line to an unoccupied square.
  • A man or king may not jump over the same opposing man or king more than once.
  • A piece is crowned if it stops on the far edge of the board.
    If it reaches the far side by a jump, and is able to jump backward away from the far side over another man or king, it must do so, and does not become a king.
  • Whenever a player is able to make a capture he must do so. When there is more than one way to jump, a player must choose a sequence of jumps which results in the capture of the greatest possible number of opposing units, men and kings each counting as one unit.


Long range kings: Yes
Can men capture backwards: Yes
Who moves first: White
Maximum capture Yes


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