Armenian Checkers

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  • A single man may move one square forward on the column, or sideward on the row. Man can move, but not capture, one square diagonally forward
  • A king moves any distance on an open line in 8 directions. In other words, the king moves like a Chess queen.


  • A single man captures forward on the column, or sideward on the row.
  • A king captures by jumping to a vacant square in 4 directions (back, forward, left or right) beyond an adverse piece, any distance away.
  • A single man or a king must continue jumping as long as possible.
  • With choice of captures, the player must take the maximum number of adverse pieces.
  • Within a multicapture turning 180 degrees between two captures is illegal.
  • Each captured piece is removed from the board before the captor continues jumping; its removal may therefore open up additional captures previously impossible.
  • Piece Promotion: A piece reaching the far row of the board gets promoted to a king , and the move terminates.


The object is to capture all your opponent's pieces, or to reduce your opponent to not being able to make any move with the pieces he has remaining on the board.


You can use software of Setup Group to play Armenian Checkers on your
Windows Device