Among the table games in North Ossetia one of the most popular are ossetian checkers (Kena). Modern Kena descended from ancient archaic games adapted for the chessboard .


  1. A king moves any number of unobstructed squares horizontally or vertically,like the rook in Chess.
  2. Men move straight forward or sideways
  3. Men capture by jumping opponent's pieces forward, sideways and backward
  4. A sequence must capture the maximum possible number of pieces. (Some sources include this rule other no).
  5. When a man reaches the last row it promotes to a flying king
  6. Man can jump friendly pieces forward, sideways and backward (this rules do not exists in other checkers).


The object is to capture all your opponent's pieces, or to reduce your opponent to not being able to make any move with the pieces he has remaining on the board.