German checkers is one of many variations of the game of checkers This particular version is mainly played in German.


  1. A man moves one square diagonally forwards, provided the target square is vacant.
  2. If a man thus reaches the back rank, it promotes to king.
  3. A king moves any number of unobstructed squares diagonally forwards or backwards.
  4. Capture is compulsory. Men may capture forwards only, kings may capture both forwards and backwards by the long leap.
  5. If a man in a capture reaches the back rank, the move ends there and the man is promoted to king.
  6. A king captures by the long leap both forwards and backwards. It must end the leap on the field directly behind the piece that is captured.
  7. if it can proceed in the same or a perpendicular direction, it must do so.
  8. A multiple capture must be completed before the captured pieces are removed from the board.
  9. There are no priorities of capture: if presented with a choice a player may freely choose which capture to make.